27 March 2012

The Beat Bullying Campaign

What is the campaign?

“Hope for Children” UNCRC Policy Center has undertaken the design and implementation of the campaign “Beat Bullying” against school bullying in Cyprus. Coordinator of this campaign is the educational psychologist Dr. Monica Shiakou.


It aims to raise public awareness amongst educational communities as well as to develop tools to identify, prevent and act against this phenomenon..


The awareness of the public and the educational community for the phenomenon of bullying will be primarily -but not exclusively- done through the observation of role models.

This strategy is based on the theory of social learning that supports that the individual forms a large part of his behavior by observing the behavior of others and the impact of their behavior on him i.e. through their role models.

The originality of this campaign lies in the fact that psycho-education informing children within the school will be delivered by their peers. Children who will be selected will be trained by practitioners to act as ambassadors against bullying in schools. They will be selected based on three criteria: a) recognition b) ability and c) popularity of peers. The idea is based on the theory that some messages are transmitted to children better when they come from their peers or other young people.