27 March 2012

How can you support us?

  • Buying the badge

The badge was designed by Joanna Philippou specifically for the Beat-Bullying Campaign. Buying this badge for only 2 euros helps spread the message against bullying as well as offers financial support for the campaign.

The badges are available for sale at:

Second Cup

Leroy Merlin

Green Boutique

Hope for Children

  • Supporting our events
  • Offering volunteer work

Corporate Partners

Hope for Children cooperates with companies, which are interested in defending and promoting the rights of children worldwide. HFC has established partnerships with various companies, in order to create alliances with the aim of strengthening the capacity of the corporate sector to get involved in issues concerning the rights of children. Moreover, HFC is committed to contribute to the practices of companies for the promotion of the welfare of children and communities and to work towards the achievement of corporate social responsibility partners through support programs for children’s rights.

Such collaborations may include the following opportunities, but the chances of cooperation are multifaceted and are not limited to these options:

  • Financial and in-kind contribution
  • Humanitarian assistance
  • The organization of events
  • Funding for individual projects or for general work of HFC
  • Programs/ campaigns
  • Advice on legal issues and policy change on children’s rights
  • Promoting corporate responsibility
  • Training and capacity bullying

HFC is grateful to the corporate partners who are supporters to ensure accessible and available basic needs and rights of children, such as education, nutrition, housing, social protection and medical care. The results of such efforts enable socio-emotional development of children and in turn benefit the corporate sector with the creation of an active human resources and an environment of social cohesion and stability.

How can we collaborate?

If you wish to be a Corporate Partner of “Hope For Children” UNCRC Policy Centre, you will be able to form links with one of the members of our Corporate Team to liaise with and to strengthen the outcomes of your in-between efforts. The usual procedure for becoming a Corporate Partner of HFC “Hope For Children” UNCRC Policy Centre is to agree on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to clarify our mutual responsibilities and relationship. HFC will assume the role of Development Partner for the purposes of the actions taken by the Corporate Partner in addressing children’s issues.