19 March 2014

Ambassadors for HFC participate in Beat Bullying Campaign

Mr George Theofanous, Good Will Ambassador of “Hope for Children” and Ms Christina Pavlidou, Ambassador for the “Beat Bullying”campaign of “Hope for Children, participated in events relevant to the campaign on 7 and 8 of March, respectively. Mr Theofanous attended a discussion with students at  the Cultural Centre of the European University Cyprus, where he discussed the issue with a group of students that attended the event, while Ms Monica Shiakou, Psychology Professor at European University Cyprus and coordinator of the “Beat Bullying” campaign and Mr Giorgos Karkas, Deputy Head of the Office  for Combating Cybercrime gave presentations. On her side, Ms Pavlidou participated in an event that took place at the Mall of Cyprus and which was organised by the Office of the Commissioner for Children’s Rights, where along with others, including the Ms Koursoumba, the Commissioner herself, they informed parents and children present on the phenomenon of bullying and they gave away informative material and publications.