23 December 2013


The NGO consortium Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family (SPAVO) and “Hope For Children” UNCRC Policy Center (HFC) successfully completed a series of training courses for educators. The series of seminars for teachers were held under the framework of activities of the European Hotline for Missing Children 116000, which is funded by the Daphne Programme of the European Commission. This effort was made possible thanks to the collaboration of the Ministry of Education and Culture.
Five five-hour seminars were implemented, two for schools in Nicosia, one for Limassol schools, one for Paphos schools and one for Larnaca and Ammochostos schools, in the period October to December 2013. The programme of the seminars included the presentation of the European Hotline for Missing Children 116000, including the responsibilities of officers answering the Hotline and handling incidents, as well as the participation of teachers in workshops of different themes.
The themes cover issues such as bullying and good practices to address it, anger management and communication skills with children and the identification and management of cases of violence against children. The workshops were implemented by professional trainers – partners of the two organizations, Dr. Monica Shiacou (also the coordinator of HFC’s Beat Bullying Campaign), Ms Sylvie Mantis and Dr. Maria Perdikogianni . Overall, the training covered the five districts of Cyprus with the participation amounting to 198 teachers.
For more information about the Hotline 116000 you can visit www.call116000.org  or call 116000.

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